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Level Design

Spent some time creating a basic map. I am not an expert, I am learning like everyone else but the main idea is to get the player use to the game play and mechanics of your game. This particular picture is not my final version just a version to hopefully give creators some inspiration. Remember when making a level map to think of the simple things that make your game fun and to teach the player about those things. An example: in this game I want to encourage exploring. As such, I want to reward the player for going the 'incorrect' way with health or ammo or a secret mini boss (later in the game). Think of the fun things you like in games and how developers may have done this, then add those ideas to your own game. OneNote was used for this but I've used graph paper in the past which may actually be better for size and sense of scale than OneNote.

Taking a screenshot and setting as a background image

I spent some time trying to take a screenshot of my randomly generated levels and set the image as a background in an effort to minimize the amount of textures the camera views. The thinking is currently I can have up to a 100x500 grid of textures making at worst 50,000 textures the camera has to render. If I can create my level map then take a picture of it and set that as the background then remove the textures it will help with rendering. This proved a bit harder than I thought due to how unity handles camera size and orientation. As you can see from the video I got it to work in theory and in practice but the image is not going to scale correctly once applied as a texture. I will need to set up some math so it scales properly. For those who would like to see my code: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.IO; // This script is attched to the capture camera NOT the MainCamera. public class CameraScreenCapture : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject theBackg

New RunJumpAndGun Game

Here is a sneak peek at my newest game. This is the first game where I bought some assets from the Unity asset store. Of course, I bought the asset because of the name, Jimmy . But really I love the look. I found many more amazing assets at  and spent the weekend making animations and set dressings. This is all super early development but I'm trying to post once a week and show my process of game creation. Last weekend's progress was spending hours looking for free art that I could use with the idea I have.