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I'm trying something new out over the next few days. I am 3 months away from graduation and i want to try something that will most likely fail, but i still want to see if i could do it or not. I'm not a person to seek attention so I'm not sure if I can even market this let alone make a living of off it. Regardless I'm trying it. Over the last few months i have been playing around with game development and I want to document my efforts. Since i am familiar with C# and Microsoft Visual Studio's .NET i tried out the XNA Game Studio for a while and loved it. The only issue is Microsoft is no longer supporting it, which means games can be created for the Xbox 360 but not future consoles. This raises another issue because I don't want to limit myself to just one console. Luckily my brother told me about Unity 3D, a game creator the can be published to almost every platform. Since then i have been off and on learning Unity when i'm not busy with school. I have ab