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Dungeon Traveler

Dungeon Traveler This game started completely different as a collaborative effort. However, since the original game was not flushed out and the team fell apart I adapted it into a click/tap based game. As of current, it's mostly done but when play testing it on my Android phone I have frame rate issues in the later levels. Oddly enough this issues don't occur on PC or WebGL so it might be due to my phone being over 2 years old. Nevertheless it should work on every Android device so I'm going to try a technique mentioned  here  and  here  from Plus that means I get to learn something new and most likely very useful. And if i don't like that i'm going to redo it completely, going for an old school Final Fantasy or Pokemon visual style for fighting.

Find Bigfoot

Find Bigfoot This is the first game I ever published. It is on the Google Play store,  Find Bigfoot . I wanted it to be something simple and quirky. The main goal of this game was not the game itself but learning the process of publishing something using Unity 3d. I made many mistakes, so many that i can no longer update this game to the Google Play store. I definitely learned from those mistakes and I make sure that each project I work on is more complicated, hopefully meaning I learn more than the last project.